Creative Solutions in Industrial Design

Industrial design is one of the most confused occupational groups today. People working in this professional group produce booties, innovative and solution-oriented items, and develop many different designs. The main purpose of the designs is to ensure that the products used in daily life have practical use. For this, he uses both art and engineering together. Products are not limited in industrial design. It develops creative solutions not only in domestic vehicles, but also in various products such as equipment and motor vehicles.

What are the Duties of the Industrial Designer?

The industrial designer has many tasks. However, they need to have a little flexibility and a broad perspective in order to perform these tasks successfully. These designers, who reveal a different face of the brand, can work in various fields.

What is the Importance of Industrial Design?

It is not known how important industrial design, which is one of the most important professions of today, is yet. More precisely to be used among the most important features of this profession is the relationship of the objects that are directed with the human. The equipment required to meet the needs of people is also expressed as the design process of the machine and the environment. The most important thing in this profession is the perspective. The more different the point of view, the more inevitable it will be to be successful.

Many of the products with aesthetic concerns are popular in the market. Especially in the 80’s and 90’s, aesthetic anxiety was almost not important. Remember the first computers and televisions that came out at that time. Televisions were big and scuba. It almost covered most of the area where it was placed. In the same way with the computer. They were devices with large screens and separate cases. However, when they were produced at that time, they were produced purely for needs. Nobody was paying attention to how the computer or television looked so big, taking up too much space. The goal was fully functional.

However, when we begin to pass the 2000s a little, you can bring the change that has passed to your eyes. Television and computer screens have become much thinner, the models we call plasma TV have come to the fore. Now it has started to be produced which is more innovative and more appealing. We can give the same example over the phones. How did the phones, which used to have antennas in the past and not even fit in our pocket, come to be? Of course, thanks to the industrial design. The phones we use now have become both modern and more innovative. All these things reveal how important industrial design is and how it works functionally.

Buying Products Today

Nowadays, we buy even the smallest product we buy, by looking at its outer appearance. Industrial designers who instilled this in us. We do not dwell on the products we do not like, we turn to different colors and models. “Industry” in the word industrial design means mass production. This reveals clearly the purpose of the work.

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