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Project Management

Management of timequality and cost is the critical activity for the successful application of project management in construction projects.

ENTEGRE’s staff has taken part in management positions in major construction projects. ENTEGRE provides detailed services during the investment process of the construction projects and for managing and coordinating all design, procurement and construction activities. ENTEGRE has considerable and significant knowledge in procurement and tender management issues for the application of optimum procurement and tender strategies based on the requirements of the projects. Execution services can be grouped as;

  • Project Definition and Delivery Strategy
  • Budget Development and Cost Tracking
  • Develop Design Standards and Guidelines
  • Design Management and Design Process Monitoring
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Phasing and Master Schedule Development
  • Tender Management
  • Construction Management
  • Procurement, Schedule and Logistics Coordination
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Reporting System and Monthly Progress Report
  • Procurement Management and Construction Strategy
  • Construction and Post Construction Services
  • Monitoring / Site Supervision
  • Claim Management
  • Handover Management


Desing Management

With Design Management, it is aimed to increase the performance of the design team and to draw projects by the Clients’ requirements, standards, laws and regulations by the authors. Thanks to Design Management, a better design, better documentation, a design that does not exceed the Employer’s target budget is created and target dates are met.

ENTEGRE offers the following services to the investor companies during the design phase of their construction projects.

  • Evaluation of Client’s Design Requirements
  • Preparation of Project-Specific Design Management Procedures and Control Documents
  • Preparation of Executive Summary or Design Summary
  • Evaluation of Proposals and Concept Design Information
  • Preparation of Designer Contracts and Annexes and Submission to The Client for Approval
  • Ensuring that the Design Is Compatible with the Client’s Requirements, Plan and Budget
  • Evaluation of the Design Process in Accordance with the Design Work Schedule
  • Regular Control of the Development of Design
  • Control of Designer’s Design Process and Analysis of Design Data
  • Review of Design Components for Value Engineering Analysis and Assistance in Value Management
  • Defining Proposed Design Changes and Solutions
  • Evaluation of the Adequacy of Design Information (Project, Specification, BOQ, Etc.) and the Status of the Tender Process
  • Preparation of Tender Documents by Using EPY Database, If Requested by the Client


Tender and Contract Management

ENTEGRE, after the preparation of the projects, provides Tender and Contract Management services on behalf of the investor. In this process, with the following services, it is aimed to select the contractor who can perform the project in the best way with the optimum cost.

  • Preparation of Tender Administrative Documents
  • Examination of Technical Tender Documents and Confirmation of Compliance
  • Determination of Tender Candidates and Prequalification
  • Carrying Out Tender Processes
  • Collecting, Evaluating and Comparing Proposals
  • Selection of The Contractor with The Client
  • Preparation of Contracts Describing the Conditions Between the Parties and Determining All work to be Carried Out


Consultancy Services

ENTEGRE is experienced in the evaluation, application and development of project management systems for construction and investment projects.

ENTEGRE can assist in developing effective management information systems. ENTEGRE is experienced in utilizing managerial and cost accounting methods, as well as the principles of quantity surveying and cost management for project monitoring and control. Consultancy services can be grouped as;

  • Project Management System Implementation Consultancy
  • Owner Representation and Lender Supervisory
  • Project Management System Tools Services ( YAPITAŞI )
  • Project Management Office Implementation
  • Business and Strategic Consultancy
  • Technical Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies
  • Site Quality Management


Dispute Consultancy and Technical Evaluation

ENTEGRE, with 16 years of experience and expert staff, provides dispute consultancy and technical evaluation services in construction projects for the elimination of problems and disputes between project stakeholders, technical due diligence for the unfinished jobs and the assessment of project performance.

Firstly, the current situation is determined and as a result of the findings, a technical evaluation is carried out and reported to the client. In order not to repeat the problems experienced, a new road map is drawn and measures that can be taken are determined.

The services provided for each stage are listed below.

  1. Due Diligence
  • Examining the terms and scope of the contract, determining responsibilities between employers and stakeholders, examining their share of duties and identifying changing conditions
  • Control of projects for all disciplines and sub-disciplines such as architectural, mechanical, electrical, statical and examination of the compliance with the relevant standards, scope of the contract and the demands of the employer
  • Determination of project progress and percentage of completion, for each of the completed and unfinished parts of the work; detection of time extensions, non-conformities, requests for changes and delays in project activities,
  • Evaluation of the project with supporting documents (photos, videos etc.), obtaining opinions of people involved in the project
  • Controlling progress payments, bill of quantities and past payments, inspection of procurement and purchases made, identifying financial harm caused by additional costs of project stakeholders
  • Identification of additional jobs (Job Increase-Decrease); determining job description, location and time, reason for the absence of the additional jobs if not included in the contract
  1. Technical Evaluation and Reporting
  • Revision of responsibilities and scope of work depending on new conditions
  • Informing the parties about the final receivables and payables by calculating the final progress payment for the determined progress
  • Making the correct cost analysis for controversial items, depending on the circumstances of the time
  • After checking the quality of the completed works, calculating the cost required to bring it into compliance with the contract standards
  • Ensuring effective communication between project stakeholders throughout all processes
  • Making the necessary determinations and reporting on the settlement of disputes without the need for court proceedings
  1. Determining a New Roadmap
  • In order not to encounter the problems again; identifying the specific needs of the project and creating a roadmap for the successful implementation and completion of the project.


Entegre Plus Green Project Management

ENTEGRE contributes to the advancement and awareness in building sector through ecologist and sustainable buildings as a part of its project management and consultancy solutions by “Entegre Plus – Green Project Management” services.

Typical buildings cause problems like high energy consumption, large quantities of waste, poor indoor environmental quality and low user satisfaction. Green buildings are the most efficient solutions to those problems. ENTEGRE leads investors to increase sustainable projects in our country and contributes to build water and energy efficient projects, utilize ecologist materials and provide high indoor environmental quality, in other words “green” projects.
ENTEGRE leads clients from design phase to commissioning phase with its LEED, BREAM and Energy Efficiency experts and generates innovative and environmentalist solutions under “Entegre Plus-Green Project Management” scope.
In this context, ENTEGRE provides the below services:

  1. Green Building Consultancy
  • Assisting to select appropriate certification system with its LEED and BREAM certified experts
  • Green Design Management
  • Green Construction Management
  • Monitoring and controlling of testing and commissioning process


  1. Green Building Management
  • Control and coordination of all the processes of the Green Building project
  • Reporting to the owner about all the processes
  • Monitoring and controlling of testing and commissioning process

Entegre is a member of Turkish Green Building Organization’s green building certification committee.


Digital Project Management 

In order to increase the service quality, Entegre promotes and integrates technological solutions to its processes. Entegre developed its own Digital Dashboard, which enables instant information sharing about project progress and accelerates the decision making process. For more effective communication on site, Entegre uses new solutions such as BUILDEST document management system during the communication with the project shareholders and EVERYPROJECT as a quality control system.



Entegre Digital Dashboard provides visual analytics across all project data such as progress status, financial status, change orders, project schedules, quality issues and NCRs, shopdrawing requests, RFIs and material approvals. Entegre Digital Dashboard is always dynamic and up to date with instantaneous data collection and input from the cloud. Entegre Digital Dashboard exposes key performance indicators (KPIs) enabling Clients and Stakeholders to quickly understand the general project status and possible risks. Integrated algorithms powered by business intelligence tools provide an early warning that foresees problematic issues allowing relevant staff to correct them before these issues cause delays and cost overruns.



BUILDEST is a document sharing and management software developed by YAPITAŞI information technologies to raise and improve ENTEGRE’s project management service standard. In projects carried out by ENTEGRE, investors, project management, designers, contractors, and sub-contractors are systematically able to share project related files through BUILDEST.

BUILDEST developed entirely web-based. Through BUILDEST, parties of project by entering their unique passwords, can reach project related documents at any time and from anywhere, and quickly share them with other responsible parties. Far beyond the classic methods, fast, secure, seamless file sharing and storage is provided with BUILDEST. Each upload, upload date, and time are recorded in the system.Relevant persons can be notified of newly added files to BUILDEST by e-mail, instant messaging, and if desired via text message.

Thanks to these features, arguments ignited by frequently encountered problems such as file/project is not received are not seen in BUILDEST managed projects.



Yapıtaşı EveryProject is a new age quality control software. It can be used by all the Project stakeholders easily and its features are listed below:

  • Creating a control check list and tracing the works according to the list
  • Locating the error through the project plan and taking a photo
  • Assigning work and responsibilities for the defficiencies and errors
  • Tracking the errors and control lists by categorizing
  • Periodical reporting of the control list and quality


BIM Consultancy 

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is basically an information sharing process which all actors taking part in the design, construction and life cycle of the projects can benefit together; and the project data is digitally created and managed in a 3D environment. All the necessary information is transferred in the 3D designed model; the real life functions and technical characteristics of the objects used in the model are reflected. For example; in addition to the geometric properties of the product, all the information such as fire resistance, sound insulation value, unit price, labor related to the product can be transferred on BIM objects. Therefore, it is important to create a project-specific BIM model and to ensure that the data is transferred correctly in order to provide the most appropriate information about the related project.

BIM enables all disciplines or units to work in coordination with each other by making all the details of the project visible through 3D or higher modeling levels. It increases team motivation and productivity by preventing time waste. Among all other definitions for BIM, the most important factor is the full coordination. BIM also contains information which cannot be visually represented and makes it possible to visualize all the factors that may affect the project’s work schedule, the required workforce. It is aimed to monitor all the processes related to the project visually based on the activity through the model, starting from the feasibility analysis until the compatibility and clashes of the projects from various disciplines.

ENTEGRE monitors, controls and coordinates BIM activities from design till delivery of the project within the scope of BIM Consultancy Services. Besides, with its expert staff in 4D and 5D modeling, it adds the time and cost dimensions to the BIM model beyond the work schedules that are followed in 2D and enables for users to follow the projects on an advanced BIM model. In this way, the physical status of the project can be followed in real time and thus it is possible to monitor the project accurately. If requested, the planned and actual status of the project can be compared on the model. In addition, field data is transferred to the model by using BIM 360 systems, RFIs, checklists and issues are created through the system and field management is carried out in cloud environment including site teams and employers. This enables the creation of a model-based work schedule in the field. With these activities, it is aimed that all processes related to the construction of the project can be monitored visually based on activity through BIM. In this way, the inter-disciplinary communication and information sharing are provided on the model created in the BIM system and the BIM model is prepared for operation processes as a reliable source of information related to the structure.

The services provided under BIM Consulting are listed below;

  • Project-Specific BIM Execution Plan
  • Strategy Management Plan
  • Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
  • Development and Control of the Code System Applied to the BIM Model
  • Control of the BIM Model and Evaluation of the Suitability of the Model Infrastructure to Employer Needs and BIM Execution Plan
  • Monitoring and Reporting the Progress Level (LOD) of the BIM Model based on Targeted Progress
  • Interdisciplinary Clash Detection Analysis and Reporting with Designers
  • Quantity Control via BIM Model
  • Ensuring the Collaboration of BIM with Site and Organizing Coordination Meetings
  • Field Management and Quality Management with BIM