AQAR Project Management by ENTEGRE

ENTEGRE is considered as one of AQAR’s family and one of the main business partners. is a wholly independent management and consultancy firm. ENTEGRE’s main service is providing Project Management Services. The main aim is to provide top-notch of ‘Project Management’, ‘Consultancy’, ‘Technical Due Diligence’ and ‘Loan Control’ services for the construction, investment and development projects to the investor and financial foundations.ENTEGRE is committed to deliver the best in Project Management Services with the best resources: people, application and tools in the market. ENTEGRE adapts the values of integrity, teamwork and customer satisfaction.

ENTEGRE acts in accordance with the highest ethical standards to maintain its position of trust with its clients.
ENTEGRE’s mission is to provide qualitative ‘Project Management and Consultancy’ services, in order to fulfill its clients’ requirements.
ENTEGRE’s vision is to serve successfully its stakeholders, to be trustworthy for all districts with the highest efficiency and quality for all type of construction investment projects.