AQAR Architecture by BAKIRKURE | Services

  • Architectural Design

In this rapidly evolving world, it is very important to define demands and needs for designing the structure which is suitable for your identity. We take a first step to project by investigating the site, site plan and understanding the topography. We provide comprehensive analyze of our design in process from determining to direction of wind to investigating the legal limitations. We create massic relationships and we integrate the components that are structure, function and aesthetic to the project. We put together the all consultants from our expert partners in a harmony and we reflect them to our project.


Interior Design

We design to all interior projects as ”living space” and we approach to all places with this idea. Whether is is an office or a hotel room, with analyzing the all needs of people and evaluating how people would experience the space, we reflect all information to the projects. From the beggining till the end of the design, we know that the key point is providing customer satisfaction and a good service for correct design of the space.We design your new living space by revealing the connections between the spaces and the users, the program of need, the perception you want to create, and the design that most closely matches your identity.


Fitout & Construction

The coordination between different departments from construction side to legal process is provided for actualizing to projects. This process continue according to realistic work schedule that clients can follow by our vision and experiences that are design, purchasing, supplying and placement. While actualizing the things that we design together, all process is managed with continuous communication between our expert crew and clients.In addition, decisions of the materials, quality of workmanship and detail’s solutions are observed for everything continue as planned and finally your ”dream office is transformed into reality for you.



Architecture is an interdisciplinary coordination and process management integrally. The role of an architect is conducting the orchestra here. He must have many different sounds playing with him. These are those consultancies. Many areas of expertise such as LEED, landscape, lighting, acoustics, fire, earthquake, façade past levels of having all this information is no longer a single person and may reflect the project. these consultancy branches are very deep in themselves. At this point, it received support from many experts who are competent according to its own needs.


Office Solutions

In response to “customary” office where we are in for years, We believe that business life is a holistic sense of social and living activity. We know very well that People sometimes need to be together even solve the simplest problem. We are aware of administrative, mental and emotional changes in which user and spaces. We meets the needs of employees by investigating of the new working methods triggered by Generation Y and correctly interpreting. We produce in its own special solutions for each institution.